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Timing Chains

So you've had the dreaded timing chain fault on the alloytec motors, Well. We're here to help. 

For the past 5 years we have been doing 4-5 timing chains a week with these also being a 1 day turnaround. 


For Vz/Ve/Vf these timing chains kits come supplied and fitted along with a 3 year warranty for a set price of


As stated above we do these nearly every single day and offer a 1 day turnaround for this type of booking. Feel free to get in contact with us below.


With all timing chain bookings a pre inspection will be carried out to ensure that the timing chains actually need to be done. We are more than happy to carry out this work even as a precautionary measure. 

These are complete timing chain kits including Chains, Seals and Tensioners however here are some extras that are not included that we still can option

Oil Pump $350

Cam Phasers $880

Water Pump $150

Get in Touch

11/20 O'Shea Drive, NERANG, 4211


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